Version 2.2.0 - “Interactive Fantasy”

New games

Currently, more than 1600 games are detected and supported.

  • Added support for Blazing Dragons.

  • Added support for Griffon Legend.

  • Added support for Interactive Fiction games based on the following engines:

    • ADRIFT (except for version 5)

    • AdvSys

    • AGT

    • Alan 2 & 3

    • Archetype (newly reimplemented for Glk from the original Pascal sources)

    • Hugo

    • JACL

    • Level 9

    • Magnetic Scrolls

    • Quest

    • Scott Adams

    • ZCode (all ZCode games except the Infocom graphical version 6 games).

  • Added support for Operation Stealth.

  • Added support for Police Quest: SWAT.

  • Added support for English translation of Prince and the Coward.

  • Added support for Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar.

  • Added support for Ultima VI - The False Prophet.

  • Added support for Ultima VIII - Pagan.

New ports

  • MorphOS port got a major rewrite.



  • Autosaves are now supported for all the engines.

  • Errors are more likely to open the debugger, and be displayed, than just crash ScummVM.

  • Games are sorted in GUI ignoring the articles.

  • Now Hebrew is displayed correctly in GUI (requires FriBiDi library).

  • Updated the Roland MT-32 emulation code to Munt 2.4.0.

  • Added option to select the default voice for ports that support Text-to-Speech.

  • Added support for Discord Rich Presence integration on supported platforms (Windows Vista+, macOS 10.9+ 64 Bit)

  • Major improvements to the keymapper.


  • Added support for the demo, available from our website.

  • Added support for the Loogie minigame demo.


  • Added support for Russian fan-translation.

  • Fixed animation speed.


  • Fixed subtitle speed (set it to max for good speed).

  • Added support for Russian Duckman.


  • Added support for the SegaCD version of Eye of the Beholder I (with CD-Audio, animated cutscenes and map function).

  • Added support for the PC-98 version of Eye of the Beholder I.

  • Added support for the Spanish versions of Eye of the Beholder I and II, Legend of Kyrandia 1 (CD-ROM fan translation) and Legend of Kyrandia 2 (floppy version and CD-ROM fan translation). Fix Spanish Lands of Lore support (floppy version and CD-ROM fan translation).


  • Fixed sound looping in some rooms.


  • Added support for bigger demo, available from our website.


  • Fixed inventory item descriptions display.

  • Added English translation.

  • Fixed bug with infinite loop when looking at some objects.


  • Fixed loading a save game from the launcher.

  • Fixed random long delays when starting a game.


  • Major improvements to Amiga and Mac sound drivers.

  • Improved MIDI playback and fixed many audio issues.

  • Fixed 30 original script bugs in ECO2, GK1, KQ4, KQ5, KQ6, KQ7, LB1, LONGBOW, PHANT2, QFG1, QFG3, QFG4, SQ5 and SQ6.

  • Fixed a script bug responsible for rare and random lockups in most Sierra games between 1992-1996.

  • Added support for Inside the Chest / Behind the Developer’s Shield.

  • Added support for German LSL6-Floppy.

  • Added support for Hebrew Torin’s Passage.

  • Added support for Italian Lighthouse.

  • Added support for Polish KQ5, LSL2, LSL3, LSL5 and LSL6-Floppy.

  • Fixed Russian LSL1 error when hailing a taxi.

  • Fixed Phantasmagoria 2 error when attempting easter eggs.

  • Fixed QFG3 auto-saves.

  • Fixed QFG4 and Shivers save game thumbnails being obscured by control panels.

  • Fixed a random crash in the Windows version when exiting a game.

  • Added support for Roland D-110 sound driver.

  • The Prefer digital sound effects checkbox now works correctly for SCI01/SCI1 games.


  • Fixed palette issues leading to incorrect colors in MM NES intro and dark rooms.

  • Fixed the rendering of the flashlight in MM NES to match the original version.

  • Replaced the existing NES palette to a more accurate NTSC palette based on Mesen.

  • Added a new GUI option to switch to an alternative NES palette based on the NES Classic.

  • Improved colors in Apple IIGS Maniac Mansion.

  • Fixed crash when entering garage in Apple IIGS Maniac Mansion.

  • Added support from Classic Full Throttle from Remastered release.


  • Improved English translation.


  • Fixed syncing of music volume between built-in settings panel and ScummVM configuration.


  • Added support for localized menus in Novy Disk Russian Trilogy release.

  • Added support for Spanish playable Demo available from our website.


  • Added support for Spanish playable Demo available from our website.


  • Fixed Barbot crash after asking what else he needs.


  • Added subsystem for tracking achievements, implemented for 10+ games.


  • Added missing sprite drawer for enemies hit by Energy Blast.

  • Fixed freeze due to bad mob data at the top of Witches Tower.

  • Fixed crash loading some savegames directly from the launcher.

  • Fixed curing the well in Nightshadow.

  • Fixed loading of wall items from savegames.

  • Fixed U/D keys not working on Quests dialog

  • Fixed incorrect mirror destination for Dragon Tower

  • Fixed crash reading book in Great Pyramid safe

  • Prevent attributes from going negative

  • Fixed border faces animation during Clairvoyance


  • Fixed regression in the safe puzzle in Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands.

  • Fixed getting perfect score in Zork: Grand Inquisitor.


Android port

  • Added support for immersive fullscreen mode.

  • Improved keyboard and mouse input.

iOS port

  • Fixed unsupported graphic mode for some games (such as SCI games with high quality video scaling enabled).

  • Removed Quit button to follow the iOS design guidelines.

  • Removed virtual keyboard input assistant bar. In particular this means that we no longer see a bar at the bottom of the screen when using an external keyboard.

  • Added save of current game state if possible when switching to a different task and restore game state when returning to the ScummVM task.

Linux port

  • Added option to use the system file browser instead of the ScummVM file browser.

MacOS X port

  • Fixed blurry on Retina screens. Unfortunately this required dropping support for the dark theme for window decorations.

  • Fixed Taskbar icon display when running a game (this was broken since ScummVM 1.9.0).

RISC OS port

  • Added a VFP optimized build for newer hardware.

Windows port

  • Added support for using additional OneCore voices for text to speech.

  • Active support for Windows Vista and lower is now discontinued. While we still provide builds for those systems in the foreseeable future, some newer features might be missing.