Use the Graphics tab to change how games look when they are played.

To change settings globally:

From the Launcher, select Options. The Graphics tab is the first tab shown.

To change settings for a specific game:

Highlight the game in the games list, select Edit Game then select the Graphics tab.

For a comprehensive look at how to use these settings, check out our Understanding the graphics settings guide.


The Graphics tab in the global settings

All settings can also be changed in the Configuration file. The configuration key is listed in italics after each setting description.

Graphics mode

Changes the resolution of the game. For example, a 2x graphics mode will take a 320x200 resolution game and scale it up to 640x400.


Render mode

Changes how the game is rendered.


Stretch mode

Changes the way the game is displayed in relation to the window or screen size.


Aspect ratio correction

If ticked, corrects the aspect ratio so that games appear the same as they would on original 320x200 resolution displays.


Fullscreen mode

Switches between playing games in a window, or playing them in fullscreen mode. Switch between the two by using Alt+F5 while in a game.


Filter graphics

If ticked, uses bilinear interpolation instead of nearest neighbor resampling for the aspect ratio correction and stretch mode. It does not affect the graphics mode.