Use the Game tab to display and change information about how the game is identified by ScummVM.

From the Launcher, highlight a game on the games list, then select Edit Game. The Game tab is the first tab shown.


The Game tab in the game-specific settings

All settings can also be changed in the Configuration file. The configuration key is listed in italics after each setting description.


Shows the short name of the game. Edit this name as required, but use only numbers, letters and hyphens. The ID can also be used for launching the game from the command line.


Shows the full title of the game, as well as some basic information such as original platform and language.



For games that were released with support for multiple languages, this options changes the language of the game. For games that have a single language hardcoded, this option does not change the language of the game, it only affects the subtitles. Select the correct language to ensure that subtitles display correctly, especially for non-English games.



Specifies the original platform of the game.