Taskbar integration

The taskbar integration has several features:

  • Adds an overlay icon in the taskbar/dock when running a game (Windows and macOS)

  • Updates a list of recently played games that can be started from the taskbar/dock (Windows and macOS).

  • Shows a progress bar when doing a mass add of games, and shows the number of games found at the end (Windows, macOS and Linux).

  • Shows an error state in the taskbar if an error occurs when running a game (Windows only).

Setting up the icon overlay

Icons for many games can be found on our Github repository.

Place the icons in a folder, and either change the iconspath in the configuration file to point to this folder, or add the folder to the Extra Path on the Paths settings tab.

The icon files must be ICO files for Windows, or PNG files for macOS. They must follow one of these naming conventions, where xxx is the file extension:

  • ID.xxx

  • gameid.xxx

  • engineid.xxx

  • engineid-gameid.xxx

To find the gameid and the engineid, open the configuration file. The game entry will be similar to this:

description=Lure of the Temptress (VGA/DOS/English)

macOS dock with a custom icon overlay for Beneath a Steel Sky.

Launching recently played games

To start a recently played game, right click on the ScummVM icon in the taskbar or dock, and select the game you want to play.