PlayStation 3

This page contains all the information you need to get ScummVM up and running on a PlayStation 3.

What you’ll need

  • A Homebrew enabled Playstation 3 console. How to enable homebrew is outside the scope of this documentation.

  • A USB drive

  • A computer

Installing ScummVM

Download the Playstation 3 package from the ScummVM Downloads page. Copy the .pkg file to a USB drive.

Plug the USB drive into the PS3. Go to the XMB, then go to Games > Install Package to install the ScummVM package.

To launch ScummVM, go to the XMB, then go to Games > PlayStation 3 > ScummVM.

Transferring game files

Games can be launched from either a USB drive, or from the internal hard drive. The hard drive has better performance.

To copy game files to the hard drive, use the USB drive, or use ScummVM’s cloud functionality, or use LAN functionality Using the local web server.

See Handling game files for more information about game file requirements.


Controls can also be manually configured in the Keymaps tab. See the Keyboard shortcuts page for common keyboard shortcuts.

Default control map




Left stick

Moves pointer

Left mouse button

Right mouse button

Game menu



Global Main Menu


Toggle virtual keyboard

L1 button

AGI predictive input dialog


Saved games


Configuration file



For more information, see the Settings section of the documentation. Only platform-specific differences are listed here.


Supported audio file formats:

  • MP3

  • OGG

  • FLAC

  • Uncompressed audio