Use the Misc tab to change miscellaneous settings that don’t belong on any of the other tabs.

From the Launcher, select Global Options, if necessary click the > scroll arrow until the Misc tab is visible, and then select the Misc tab.


The Misc tab in the Global Options menu

All settings can also be changed in the Configuration file. The configuration key is listed in italics after each setting description.


Changes the visual appearance of the ScummVM Launcher


GUI scale

Scale the ScummVM GUI to be bigger or smaller. Using a larger scale can help to make the text easier to read when using ScummVM on a big screen.


GUI renderer

Defines how the ScummVM GUI is rendered; normal or antialiased.



Adjusts the time period between autosaves. The default setting is 5 minutes.


GUI language

Chooses the language of the ScummVM Launcher.


Switch the ScummVM GUI language to the game language

If ticked, the Launcher language is the same as the game language.


Use native system file browser

Uses the system file browser instead of the ScummVM browser.


Always return to the launcher when leaving a game

If ticked, removes the Quit option from the Global Main Menu. Only the Return to Launcher option remains.


Ask for confirmation on exit

If ticked, a confirmation dialog appears when you choose Quit or Return to Launcher from the Global Main Menu.


Update Icons

Click on the Update Icons button to download new or updated artwork for game icons. ScummVM will scan to find applicable icons; once these have been found, click on the Download button in the pop up window to start the download. Click the Hide button to close the window and continue the download in the background. Use the Cancel download button to cancel the download.


The Update Icons window

Enable Discord Integration

Use this option to automatically check for updates to ScummVM. Click the Check now button to manually check for updates.