PlayStation Portable

This page contains all the information you need to get ScummVM up and running on a PSP.

What you’ll need

  • A homebrew-enabled PSP. How to enable homebrew is outside the scope of this documentation.

  • A computer to download an extract the install files.

Installing ScummVM

The PSP package is available for download ScummVM’s Downloads page.

Download the zip file to a computer, and extract the files.

Connect the PSP to the computer by USB cable. Go to Settings > USB Connection on the PSP. Ensure the USB Device option is set to Memory Stick. The computer automatically opens the root folder of the PSP. Alternatively, if you have a Memory Stick adapter, copy the files directly to the Memory Stick.

Copy the extracted scummvm folder to your PSP, into the /PSP/GAME/ folder.

Go to Game > Memory Stick and choose ScummVM to launch ScummVM!

Transferring game files

Transfer game files onto the PSP as described in the installation section above. They can be copied to any folder; location doesn’t matter.

See Handling game files for more information about game file requirements.


Default control map

These controls can also be manually configured in the Keymaps tab. See the Keyboard shortcuts page for common keyboard shortcuts.



R button

Modifier key

L button


Analog stick

Mouse movement

Analog stick + R button

Fine mouse movement

Directional buttons

Arrow keys

Directional buttons + R button

Diagonal arrow keys


Left Mouse Button

Right Mouse Button


+ R button



Shows/Hides the virtual Keyboard. Hold down with Directional buttons to move the keyboard.

SELECT + R button

Shows Image Viewer


Global Main Menu

START + R button


Virtual Keyboard Mode


Enter. Also exits virtual keyboard mode


Exits the virtual keyboard mode

R button

Input: lowercase/uppercase letters (press to toggle)

L button

Input: numbers/symbols (press to toggle)

Directional buttons

Selects square of characters (up, down, left or right)

and L/R buttons

Chooses a specific character in the square. The four center characters are chosen by the button in the corresponding position. The 2 top characters are chosen by the L/R buttons.

Analog stick

Moves in a direction (left/right/up/down)

Image Viewer

Left/right directional buttons

Previous/next image

Up/down directional buttons

Zooms in/out

Analog stick

Moves around the image

L/R buttons + START

Exits image viewer

1st Person Game Mode

+ R button + L button

Enables 1st Person Mode

Modifier key (instead of R button)

L/R button

Strafes left/right

Directional buttons left/right

Turns left/right

+ Directional buttons



Image Viewer




For more information, see the Settings section of the documentation. Only platform-specific differences are listed here.


Supported audio file formats:

  • MP3

  • OGG

  • Uncompressed audio


Games run faster if audio files are in the .mp3 file format.


Saved games


Configuration file


Known issues

  • Plugin files are not interchangeable between ScummVM versions. You must copy all the plugin files found in the /PSP/GAME/scummvm/plugin/ folder for every new version you install. If ScummVM crashes on startup, delete the existing plugin files in the plugin directory and copy the new ones again.

  • If the virtual keyboard does not show up on the screen, ensure the file is in the scummvm folder.