Apple TV OS


This page is under development. Only basic information is given to enable ScummVM on Apple TV.

This page contains all the information you need to get ScummVM up and running on an Apple TV.

Installing ScummVM

There are two ways to install ScummVM on an Apple TV depending on if building the project or downloading a bundle.

Building the project

Since the port for Apple TV shares the same code base as the iOS port the instructions for building the project is the same as for iOS. Follow the Build instructions for iOS with the difference that the ScummVM-tvOS target should be chosen in Xcode.

Downloading and installing ScummVM

Instructions will be added when packages are available for download.

Transferring game files


Note that Apple TV applications doesn’t have a Documents folder in which games can be stored. All games are stored in the cache folder which can be deleted when the system requires the needed space. This could happen if having limited available space and streaming high definition content or installing other applications. Please see for more information.

Make sure to make backups of savegames.

ScummVM has built-in cloud functionality, which lets you connect your Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox account. For more information, see the Connecting a cloud service page. ScummVM also has the ability to run a local web server. For more information, see the Using the local web server page.


ScummVM’s cloud functionality does not currently support iCloud, however you can upload game folders to your iCloud and then use the Files app on your iOS device to copy these folders into the local ScummVM folder.

See Handling game files for more information about game file requirements.


The Apple TV supports several controllers however no mouse support. External keyboards can be used to help entering text input. Usually the Apple TV remote controller will be used.

Game controllers

If running tvOS 14 and later there is support for connected gamepad controllers using the Apple Game Controller framework. “Micro Gamepad Controllers “”Extended Gamepad Controllers” are supported at the moment. For more information visit

Key mappings on Apple TV remote (also remote app on iOS)



Swipe on Touch area

Controls pointer

Press Touch area

Left mouse click


Right mouse click

Back/Menu in game

Global Main menu

Back/Menu in launcher

Apple TV Home

Hold Play/Pause

Show keyboard with extra keys

Touch (not press) on top of Touch area

Up arrow key

Touch (not press) on left of Touch area

Left arrow key

Touch (not press) on right of Touch area

Right arrow key

Touch (not press) on bottom of Touch area

Down arrow key

Key mappings on Extended gamepad controller



Left analog joystick

Controls pointer


Up/Left/Right/Down arrow buttons


Left mouse click


Right mouse click

Hold X

Show keyboard with extra keys

Menu in game

Global Main menu

Menu in launcher

Apple TV Home


show game original menu


Saved games

Savegames/ in the cache root folder. Access this folder through Using the local web server.

Configuration file

Preferences in the cache folder. Access this folder through Using the local web server.