Use the Misc tab to change miscellaneous settings that don’t belong on any of the other tabs.

From the Launcher, select Global Options, if necessary click the > scroll arrow until the Misc tab is visible, and then select the Misc tab.


The Misc tab in the Global Options menu

All settings can also be changed in the Configuration file. The configuration key is listed in italics after each setting description.


Adjusts the time period between autosaves. The default setting is 5 minutes.


Random seed

Every time you start ScummVM, a random seed is generated. Use this option to set a fixed seed, which ensures that random events in games play out the same way every time.


Enable Discord Integration

Show the currently running game in a Discord user’s status (if Activity Status is also enabled in the Discord settings).

Update check

Use this option to automatically check for updates to ScummVM. Click the Check now button to manually check for updates.